An Interview with Amy Sheppard

An Interview with Amy Sheppard


Recently we caught up with Amy Sheppard, from the amazing indie pop band of the same name. With hits such as ‘Bombs Away’ and ‘Coming Home’ Sheppard have become an iconic presence on the Australian music scene (Bombs Away spent five weeks at number 1 on the ARIA singles chart).

Amy and her sister Emma have been using Crush products for a few years now, so we decided to have a chat with her, find out more about her beauty routine, and see what’s next for the herself and the band.

We love the latest single ‘On My Way’. What’s next for Sheppard?

Thank you! We are currently in the writing phase for album 3! We have written a couple of songs already and we are already so excited.

One thing we love about the sound of the band is that it seems to capture a classic and modern sound all at the same time. To our humble ears there’s a bit of a 60s vibe in there. Is that something that the band set out to achieve, or is it simply an amalgamation of your collective musical influences?

I think what you’re hearing is definitely the influences from our parents! We all grew up with music loving parents and were lucky enough to be exposed to some wonderful songwriters from an early age. When we write music, our goal is to make sure it’s timeless. We try to follow our gut instinct and don’t get too caught up on music trends and fads.

Speaking of musical influences, what are some of yours?

I’m very much inspired by the old time classic pop artists such as Fleetwood Mac, Cat Stevens and Dolly Parton. Some of my more modern influences include James Bay, Coldplay and Kasey Musgraves.

Some people may not be aware that you and your siblings Emma and George, grew up in Papua New Guinea. Has this shaped your life in some way? Has it altered your perspective on life?

Growing up in a third world country has most definitely had an impact on our lives. We have always been very grateful for the fortunate lives we live. We’ve also become a very close family because growing up in PNG, you really have a strong sense of community and worth of family.

Ok, since we’re a beauty company, perhaps we should ask you some questions in that space. 🙂

What are your go-to makeup products?

I love eyebrow products and concealer. I feel as though if you have these two products you can always achieve a natural makeup look.

You’ve mentioned in the past you use Crush products, which ones are you using?

Yes! I use a lot of Crush Cosmetic products. Some of my favourites include the highlight shimmer sticks and the 35F eyeshadow palette.

Do you share your makeup and clothes with your sister Emma? Does she ever steal any of your favs?

Emma and I share a lot of our clothes. We figured out from a young age that if we just shared clothes, we’d have double the wardrobe. It’s worked out well for us. Sadly, we have a different shoe size. When it comes to makeup, we each have our own kits which we are quite protective over haha.

What does your morning and night beauty routine involve?

I have quite sensitive skin so I use a product called la Roche-Posay. They have a foaming cleanser which I love and I use it morning and night. I also use a serum both morning and night. During the day I use their tinted SPF and then I use their night cream before bed. I like to keep it as simple as possible as anything too rich gives me an allergic reaction.

Do you have a day look compared to a night look? What about stage? Is there anything special you do there?

My everyday makeup look is very simple. In fact, most days I only wear a tinted moisturiser. Sometimes I will fill in my brows and pop a little concealer under my eyes too. Being on stage is a whole other story. This is where my creativity comes out. I love changing up my look depending on my outfit but I always love a 60’s inspired winged liner and bold lashes.

What’s your proudest moment to date?

I think the fact that we are still a band after 8 years together is something I’m very proud of. It is a rare opportunity which we have and it’s something I never take for granted.

Complete this sentence; my perfect day is…

Waking up and being able to jump in the ocean! I absolutely love tropical islands and I don’t REALLY feel at home unless I’m somewhere which is very humid and covered in palm trees (Probably because PNG was my first home).

This article appears courtesy of Crush Cosmetics.

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